Friday, March 25, 2011

A Quick Update

Today is the last day of the school term for the kids so they will have the next month off.  Rift Valley Academy is a year round school so they have three terms with long breaks between each term.  We will have to figure out what to do to keep the kids busy (especially on the rainy days).

I am very thankful that we've had some sun this week.  It had been pretty dreary and muddy, but the sun found its way out of the clouds and we've had some nice weather this week.

I had to take our car to the garage for a repair to the tail pipe.  It seems that we hit a bump too fast and did some damage.  I really had no idea how much it was going to cost, but was shocked when the owner of the garage told me it was 600 shillings - that's about $7!  So... if you need your car repaired, it might just be cheaper to bring it to Kenya!

Erik will be leaving on Monday to go work at a refugee camp for a few days.  They go several times a year to treat children who have little access to medicine and even less access to the gospel.  Please pray for his safety and his ministry there.  I will have him give a full report when he returns.

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