Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Intruder

I have been sick these past couple of days and this afternoon I was resting.  I had given the 4 year old strict instructions not to bother Mommy unless it was an emergency.  So a few minutes later he came running into my room and shouting that there was a monkey in the house.  That is indeed an emergency!  I hadn't been downstairs in a couple of days because I haven't felt strong enough, but I decided I had to get this monkey out before he destroyed our house.

I went down the stairs and found that he had gotten into some English muffins that were on the counter and was climbing on the kitchen window.  I wasn't sure how to get a monkey out of my house, so I did what seemed natural.  I screamed, "Out monkey, Out!" over and over again.  Instead of running out of the house, he starting pooping everywhere and ran into our dining room and climbed up into the rafters.  I then got a broom and started hitting him with it, but monkeys are pretty good at hanging onto things way up high and I couldn't get him to budge.  He just started hissing and showing me his sharp teeth.  At this point, I sat down and put my head between my legs to keep from fainting and began to send several text messages to people I thought could help rescue me.

Enter James.  You've met James before as he has rescued me in the past.  I knew James was working at a house that is about 10 minutes away so I didn't even send a frantic text message to him, but apparently someone else did and within 4 minutes James was at my door with a big stick and a smile.  He was able to knock the monkey down to the ground and while the monkey clung to a dining room chair, James dragged it out by its tail.

Here's a picture of James dragging the monkey, who was dragging the chair out of our house.  I know it's a terrible picture and Erik has scolded me for not taking one of him on our rafters hissing at me.  At the time, I wasn't thinking about getting a great photo of the monkey, but was just trying to get him out of the house without fainting first.