Thursday, March 31, 2011

An MK Tells All - Answering Your Questions

Here are the answers to the great questions you posted.  Feel free to post any more you might have.

From the 5 year old:

What kinds of things can you buy at the duka?
(mom's edit:  We can get most of our basic needs at the dukas (flour, sugar, oil, pasta, bread, peanut butter, cleaning supplies, some meat, and lollipops!)

CBF Kids want to know what mandazi is?
a Kenyan doughnut

From the 6 year old:

How do Kenyans say Hello?
"Hello" is "Jambo," but we usually say "Habari" which means "How are you?"

Rascal reminds me of a cat I had when I was a little bit older than you; his name was Smokey Joe. I dressed him in doll clothes. Has Rascal modeled any of your doll clothes yet?

What kind of music do people in Africa listen to?
Kenyan music and American music
(mom's edit:  They have a strange fondness for country western music - particularly Kenny Rogers.)

What's your favorite color?

What does your school look like?
We are going to go take pictures around the school sometime this week and will make a separate post.
From the 8 year old:

What is different about your house in Kenya than your house in the US?
We don't have air conditioning or heat.

What other kinds of games do you play with your friends?
soccer, capture the flag, tennis baseball

Who is in charge (i.e. government, etc)?
the president (Mwai Kibaki)

Do people vote on them?

What kind of food do the people eat there?
sukuma wiki, ugali, rice, chapatis and samosas

What is sukuma wiki? Do you think I would like it? Do you?
Sukuma wiki is cooked kale and sometimes a little bit of meat.  I like it and I don't know if you will like it.


  1. Kenny Rogers?? I have more in common with Kenyans than I thought!! Islands in the Stream is in my top 5! Thanks for the answers. Love to all of you!

  2. I should probably send you my Kenny Rogers c.d.