Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's All Got to Go

We move to Nashville one month from today and will be moving to Kenya in about six months.  As we pack up our house I'm really trying to get rid of all of the junk, clutter and excess that we've accumulated.  This process has been a bit overwhelming for me.  

I used to say that a child can never have too many books, but the fifteen boxes of books we've gotten rid of over the past several months say otherwise.

When we got married we registered for two sets of dishes, two sets of flatware and three sets of glasses.  I have no idea why I thought I'd have a use for all of that or that I'd even like it when we finally had an opportunity to use it, but we got carried away with the registry gun at Dillard's and now I'm trying to find good homes for these barely used dishes.

Goodwill really loves us as they have been the recipient of many boxes of  clothes, towels and toys over the past few weeks.  In fact, I keep taking our stuff to different drop-off locations because I'm afraid they'll start to recognize me and when they see me coming they will laugh and say something like, "I wonder what the Junk Lady is bringing for us today?" 

A few items have me stumped.  Should we save them?  Should we just give them away?  Could we make any money off of them?  Here is one of them:

This is Erik's Garbage Pail Kid collection.  He has hundreds of these cards that he has saved from the mid-80's.  I'm so glad Erik is no longer attached to these and is willing to give them up, but I don't really have time to go through them all to see which ones are valuable.  I think I may have to recruit a certain 7 year old to help me with this task.

I'm actually really looking forward to being free of all of the junk - especially the Garbage Pail Kids!  I like the idea of living more simply and having less clutter in our lives.  I'm just not sure I like the process involved in getting there.

Friday, May 21, 2010

We're still here!

We haven't disappeared from the blogosphere, we've just been a little busy.

Erik will be graduating from 29th grade at the end of June and as the end is finally in sight, we both have a bad case of senioritis.  After 9 years of training, we are really looking forward to being done!  After he finishes in Birmingham, we will be heading back to Nashville for a few months where he will be working at Vanderbilt until we leave for Kenya.  We don't know an exact departure date for Kenya, but it looks like it will be November or December. 

The move to Nashville is bittersweet for all of us.  We loved living in Nashville and are excited to return, but we really hate to leave behind the relationships in Birmingham and our church home here.  We would really appreciate your prayers for us as we have lots of changes and transitions in store for us.