Monday, August 9, 2010

An update

I know it seems that we've disappeared, but we're still here!  We are enjoying Nashville and a slower pace of life.  We are really enjoying having Erik home most nights and weekends and the kids are loving that they can spend more time with Daddy.

We're continuing to prepare for our move to Kenya and are trying not to get overwhelmed by all that we need to get done before we leave in a few short months.  We have a long "to do" list that lingers over us during our "free" time.

We have a week of orientation with World Medical Mission coming up in late August and are eager to learn more about this wonderful program that we will be affiliated with for the first two years we are in Kenya.  We will also have a week of orientation with Serving in Mission (SIM) in November as they will be our sending organization after we complete our initial two years with World Medical Mission.

We are also planning our "goodbye tour" the last two weeks of November where we can go to Texas and say goodbye to family and friends before we catch a plane from DFW to Nairobi at the end of November.  

We are so thankful for our family and friends that continue to encourage us in so many ways and are so thankful for your prayers.  Please pray for our kids as the reality of this is starting to hit them and they are very nervous about all the "unknowns" that are ahead of us.