Friday, August 19, 2011

Learning a New Language

In Kenya, there are two national languages (English and Swahili) as well as more than 50 tribal languages.  Erik and I are trying to learn Swahili, but we are finding that even the English here is a little different and sometimes we need help translating.  Since Kenya was once a British colony, they use many British terms and some terms are just uniquely Kenyan.  Here are some examples of English words that are different in Kenya than in America.

1.  Kenyans call cookies biscuits.
2.  They call diapers napkins and napkins are called serviettes.
3.  When you want air in your tires, you ask for "pressure."
4.  When you want lumber, you ask for timber.
5.  What we would call a faucet, they call a tap.
6.  A kid refers to a goat - not a child.
7.  A truck is called a lorry.
8.  If someone says they are going to flash you, you should not panic.  They are just going to call you and hang up before you answer so you will have their number in your cell phone without having to pay for the call.

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  1. Interestingly, when we moved to Colorado, I learned that people in the south speak differently from the people here. Thanks for sharing!