Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's the Little Things

I usually make a trip to Nairobi every week or two to pick up groceries and run errands.  Nairobi is quite modern and pretty westernized.  The kids don't usually make the trip with me, because the older two are usually in school and the younger two would rather be playing in the dirt.  But during this school break, we've had a few occasions to take all four kids to the "Big City" and these trips remind me of how different their lives are since we moved to Kijabe because they get excited about the simplest things.  Here are some examples from our recent Nairobi excursions.

1. On our way into town our daughter said, "Oh, Mom.  Look at those nice lane lines!"

2. While parking at a large shopping mall our kids were shouting and enjoying the echo.  Our 8 year old said, "I remember these from America.  What do we call these?"  I reply, "A parking garage."

3. While washing my hands in a public restroom, I see our daughter clutching a paper towel against her cheek and she says, "Oh, I've really missed these."  This was after she'd commented about how nice this bathroom was because it had toilet paper in it!

4. While riding down in a glass elevator our 6 year old exclaims, "It's just like the Tower of Terror!"  We only went down one floor.

I'm so glad that it only takes things like lane lines, parking garages, paper towels and elevators to get my kids excited!  That is easy entertainment!

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