Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life Lessons

  • We are moving this week.  We are just moving to a different house up the hill so it shouldn't be a big deal - but it is.  We hope to move on Friday, but we might have to wait until Saturday (or sometime next week!)  Life in Kenya is a lesson in flexibility.
  • The painter went to the new house to walk through it so he could tell me how much paint to buy and then he called me and told me to buy 14 cans.  I drove to Nairobi and went into the store to buy the paint and the lady thought I was crazy buying 14 cans of paint.  She only had 9 cans so I was going to have to go to another store in a different part of Nairobi for the rest.  I took the 9 cans and made another trip to Nairobi a few days later to get the remaining cans.   When I dropped off 16 cans of paint (I decided to buy a couple extra) I walked the painter through the house to show him what we wanted painted.  I took him upstairs and he said, "I didn't know there was an upstairs."  What???  So, he needed 3 additional cans of paint (I bought 4).  Life in Kenya is a lesson in perseverance.
  • The painter called me this week and told me that he wanted to use lead paint in the house.  I freaked out a bit because I didn't want ANY lead paint in the house ANYWHERE.  He said that is what was already there and he was just going to paint over it with the same thing.  Finally I remembered that the Kikuyu people have trouble pronouncing their "r"s and "l"s so I said, "Do you mean RED paint?"  He said, "Yes, lead paint."  OK, sure!  Life in Kenya is a lesson in communication.

One day we WILL move, but the lessons will continue and so will the blessings of life in Kenya.

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