Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet Mercy

BethanyKids’ medical work in Kijabe is a practical way to show God’s love to children and their families.  It involves dozens of people doing a multitude of jobs to reach out and care for these kids.  One of the most integral members of the team is Pastor Mercy.  She is the chaplain for BethanyKids at Kijabe Hospital and is a woman in love with her Lord and committed to the children and their families.  All children admitted to the hospital are required to have a parent/guardian stay with them, and as one might expect, these are mostly mothers.  Mercy personally visits every patient and parent during their stay in the hospital.  She counsels, encourages, and teaches them about the love of our Savior.  Each year for the past few years, she has seen 300-400 people commit their lives to Christ during their stay in the hospital.  She also has a network of 265 patients’ mothers called “disciplers” who are spread across the country.  These women help to identify medical problems in the community, spread awareness for the work of BethanyKids, Kijabe Hospital, and CURE Hospital, follow-up patients, visit clinics, follow-up new believers, and evangelize.  These women saw literally thousands of people commit or re-commit their lives to Christ last year.  The numbers alone aren’t important, but the hearts and souls that they represent mean everything.  People may bring their kids to Kijabe for the surgical care offered there, but as a surgeon, I know that the spiritual and emotional care that Mercy provides is ultimately more important than any operation I could do.  Christ made the lame to walk, the blind to see, and the dead to rise, but more than that He came that we all might have abundant life.

Please pray for Mercy and the very important work that she does at the hospital.


  1. Isn't it neat how God works it all together? He places you (and other physicians there) so that people seek medical help so that they can receive spiritual help! LOVE.IT. !

  2. Amanda it was so great meeting you last week in Kijabe. I'm going to re-post this on sweet Mercy! I thoroughly enjoyed making rounds with her last week. Praying for your family!