Friday, December 31, 2010

What We've Been Up To

For the past few weeks we have had time to get settled here in Kijabe, work on learning Swahili and just spend some relaxed time as a family.  We are all doing well and are enjoying our new home.  Next week the older kids will start school, Erik will be at work full-time and we will be adjusting to a new routine.  We're so thankful that we've had this time to ease into life here, but we are also very excited about what is ahead.


  1. i am a friend of megan and rhett's. i have heard your story through her. praying for your family as your continue to adjust to your new life in kenya! you have a beautiful family! i wanted to ask if you would share the agency you have adopted through. we adopted domestically a little over a year ago and are researching on where to start another one from when the time is right... if you do not mind sharing, my email is thanks!


  2. Wanted to let you guys know we're thinking of you often and will keep you in our prayers! I wish we could have seen you in San Antonio- I know Barry and Tiffany really enjoyed their time with you! Take care!