Friday, December 24, 2010

The 12 Days of our First Kenyan Christmas

12 monkeys romping in our yard

11 failed attempts at catching a wily mouse

10 Kenyan shillings for a yummy andazi (Kenyan fry bread)

9 Swahili lessons (so far)

8 dusty, calloused and thorny kiddy feet

7 days of jetlag

6 inch slimy, white slugs

5 minute walk to the hospital

4 am - the time the Kijabe roosters start crowing

3 cases of the flu

2 grateful parents

1 very blessed new home

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we pray that you will know the fullness of His joy and peace.

Merry Christmas from Kenya!  Sikukuu njema ya Krismasi!


  1. Love it! Thankful that you can keep your sense of humor, wonder, and gratefulness amidst the flu, mice, and monkeys! We need to get you the "12 Months of Radical" song that the staff of BH recorded on the Christmas cd this year. I am not the most techie of the bunch but maybe I can see how to send it to you:). Merry Christmas again!

  2. Debra,
    I would love to hear the 12 Months of Radical! That sounds funny. I hope you guys had a great Christmas!