Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Case

Erik isn't scheduled to start work at the hospital quite yet, but he did get to perform his first procedure in the OR yesterday.  The patient just happened to be our 2 year old.  I noticed a funny spot on his finger and pointed it out to Erik who quickly said, "Yeah, that has to come off and I'm going to need a scalpel."

As Erik got dressed to go to the hospital our 2 year old said to me, "Mommy, Daddy's going to cut it.  Do not worry."  He then looked at Erik who was now wearing his white coat and said with a surprise, "Daddy, you a doctor?"  

Luckily, Erik's first case went quite well.  The patient was very cooperative and hasn't reported any complications. 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE his comment....Children sure do bring you down to earth, don't they?
    Sounds like everyone is adjusting to life in Kenya....you have grocery shopped and shopped for other household things, used the hospital....what else have you done? church? school? have you driven yet?