Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some Twitter Humor

The official election results were supposed to be presented at 11:00 am today, but they were delayed until 2:45pm.  We all know that things don't run on time when you are in Africa, but after 5 days of waiting, everyone was eager to hear the official results.  While I waited, I got online and looked at the Twitter feeds and enjoyed many of the clever posts about the delays.  I thought you might enjoy some of them as well.

Please, Kenya journalists: Stop saying 'any minute now' . You're confusing foreigners . #KenyaDecides

RT @WillisRaburu: If you've been wondering why this has taken so long... #Kenya isn't known for short races. We do marathons.#Kenyadecides

Kenya tried to decide but..... RT@ndinda_ Headline: "Election results delayed. Nation put to sleep by dirgely choirs" #Kenyadecides

Starting to think if dinosaurs existed they might have gone extinct waiting for the IEBC to declare the winner. #KenyaDecides

This is the longest introduction to announcing election results ever. Do you really have to thank the soft drink providers?!
At this rate, we shall have a new Pope before we have a new President in Kenya,

All joking aside, Uhuru Kenyatta received the requisite 50% of the votes by very slim margins.  His main opponent, Raila Odinga, is contesting the results and will be appealing to the courts.  There have been a few outbreaks of violence, but they appear to be isolated incidents that were handled quickly by local police officers.  We are so thankful for your prayers and ask that you pray for continued peace here in Kenya.


  1. Will you be home before the run-off election? So glad you are safe!

  2. Assuming the vote is upheld in court, no run-off will be necessary!