Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Election Update

Things are still (for the most part) peaceful in Kenya.  We do not yet have official election results because the electronic reporting system crashed, so all of the monitors for the various polling places across the country are required to travel to Nairobi to submit their vote tabulations.  This process is taking quite some time and is leaving citizens a little frustrated.  

Many people are not going back to work as they are waiting for results.  Schools were supposed to start back on Thursday, but they are now delaying the students' return until after this weekend.  I've heard that many businesses in Nairobi are remaining closed as well.  

We are thankful for peace, but are well aware that the potential for violence increases as people grow weary of the unexplained delays.  People, in general, are feeling frustrated, but are trying to remain calm and allow the process to work.

We really appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to lift up Kenya during this time of anxious waiting.

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