Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pediatric Surgery Training - Part 4 (from Erik)

As I mentioned previously, our trainees hail from multiple different countries in Africa.

Heuric Rakotomala is the first graduate of the program and is currently working in partnership with BethanyKids back in his home country of Madagascar.

Frehun Ayele, will be expanding the work of BethanyKids in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Catherine Mung’ong’o spent two years at Kijabe Hospital and is now back busily working as a pediatric surgeon in Tanzania.

Aiah Lebbie has just started his third year of training during which time he will spend about 10months on an away rotation in South Africa.  After his training is completed, he plans to return to his home country of Sierra Leone where plans are in the works to begin a partnership with BethanyKids.

Ken Muma has just begun his second year of training and is our first Kenyan pediatric surgery trainee. (We are also extremely fortunate to have his wife, Sarah, working alongside us at Kijabe Hospital as a pediatrician).

Martin Situma, a native Ugandan, has just joined us in July after completing an initial two years of pediatric surgery training in South Africa.  After his year with us, he will be eligible to sit for COSECSA exams and has plans to return to Uganda to practice pediatric surgery in partnership with BethanyKids.

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  1. How awesome, Erik! It is so good to see what is going on with the work of your hands.