Friday, November 11, 2011


A few weeks ago the school had a carnival where the kids get dressed up in simple, easy, homemade costumes and go around the gym and play games.  Erik and I were not around for the carnival because some friends came and stayed with our kids for the weekend to give Erik and I a little getaway - our first date in 10 months!!  Thankfully, our friends took pictures of the kids so we could enjoy the carnival a little as well! 
The kids all designed their own costumes.  Check out our 3 year old's costume:  Bob the Builder pj pants, a Spider Man pj shirt that doesn't button at his belly, and his red blanket that doubles as a Super Man cape!  LOVE THIS!

You know those Sumo wrestling inflatable games they have at carnivals in the US?  Well, this is our version of it!

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