Wednesday, November 23, 2011

After One Year

It is hard to believe that we are approaching our one year anniversary in Kenya.  It has been one year since I've been to a Wal-mart or a Target.  It has been one year since I've seen a television commercial.  It has been one year since I've eaten fast food - yes, we have KFC in Nairobi now, but it can hardly be called fast!   I may need some help from our readers to tell me if I’m a little out of touch with the world.

I am not quite sure what is in fashion now.  Based on what I see here, denim jumpers and Keds are all the rage!  I have heard an ugly rumor that harem pants are in style again - please say it isn't so.  I have even seen some European men in Nairobi sporting knickers lately and I'm really hoping that that is not a trend in the US.  If it is the trend, please send me pictures of the men in your life sporting them so I can get a good laugh more educated about fashion in America.

When I heard that feathers in the hair is a new trend,  I thought that I must be ahead of my time -  Farah Fawcett and I had feathered hair long ago.  Then I realized that people are using rooster feathers - now that is just weird! 

Now that it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, my kids have no idea what kids in America are playing with or are asking for for Christmas.  The "Great Big Toys R Us Book" didn't arrive in our mail this year.  Some Kenyan children like to roll metal wheel frames with sticks.  Our two younger boys have caught onto this creativity and have been spotted playing similar games with metal scraps they've found on the ground.  They'd probably be thrilled to receive a Christmas present that I'd collected from the trash, but I feel like I should get them something more typical.  I think I will get them Pound Puppies, pogo balls and troll dolls.  Those are still in style, right??

We get American music here so I am able to stay on top of the latest music trends.  Clearly Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Islands in the Stream is at the top of the charts because that is what they play here all the time.  Other current chart topping artists are Milli Vanilli and Lionel Richie.  It is a great relief that we are at least able to stay current on music here. 

As much as we try to keep up with the news and trends in America, it sometimes feels like we've stepped into a time warp of sorts.  I feel certain that when we come back for a visit we will be in for a real shock and I will need the help of good friends to take me to the mall for a fashion intervention. 

Well, I better go now.  I need to sneak over to the neighbor's house to pluck a feather from their rooster!

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  1. You better keep the Milli Vanilli big reveal under wraps for a few more years then. We will be sure to give thanks for the work you are doing today.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the mother ship.