Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas in November

Every year my mom gives all of the kids in the family pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve.  It is a fun tradition that the kids get excited about each year, but they also understand that after they open the pajamas they all have to put them on for a group picture.  This part of the tradition is not so much fun!

This year Mom gave them their pajamas at Thanksgiving since she wouldn't see us at Christmas this year.  There were nine cousins, but we let the littlest one who was napping opt out of the picture!  I'm not sure any of the photographers were able to get a good picture of all of the kids, but when I uploaded the pictures from my camera it sure was fun to laugh at the results I got.  Any of you who have tried to get eight kids together for a picture can relate to this.

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  1. I have been giving the girls matching pj's at Christmas forever. The 4 girls still get theirs even though they are in different cities. They enjoy exchanging pictures and seeing those pj's. The little girls (granddaughters) also get a matching set as the tradition plays on. Caren Grant