Friday, August 15, 2014

An Overdue Update

We are back from a nice vacation and are getting caught up on things we've neglected - like this blog.  I will post some pics from our vacation soon, but first we wanted to share some prayer requests with you.

Here are some things we’d love prayer for:
  1. Praise for Ken and Sarah Muma's return and prayer for their transition back to Kijabe (they’ve been in South Africa for the last year doing the final part of training).  Ken will be joining Erik as his partner in the pediatric surgery department.  Sarah will be working as a pediatrician at the hospital.
  2. Ken and Erik will be taking the COSECSA exams in pediatric surgery (September is the written, December is the oral)
  3. Pediatric Wing – for timely completion and the provision of the necessary funds to make this happen.
  4. For ways to be able to be strategic about medical/physical and spiritual outreach, especially to non-believers from other faiths in the region.
  5. Wisdom in interviewing and selecting the next fellow-level trainee in pediatric surgery
We really appreciate your prayers and are so thankful for you.

Stay tuned for some vacation pics - including pictures of our ostrich riding experience!

1 comment:

  1. Hansen Family -- The folks at Woodland Baptist are remembering you. Glad to see that your family was able to pull away for a brief vacation. The pictures are great. Our Missions committee will be meeting later today. Your health and safety, and your requests will be lifted to the Father. Blessings on all you do.