Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bethany Kids Children's Centre

We hope that everyone is having a blessed holiday season.  As we look back and consider what was a surprisingly busy year for us, we are immensely thankful for how we’ve seen God’s faithfulness in His provision and care especially through so many of you as the Body of Christ.  Thank you!

We know that at the year’s end, many of you look for opportunities to give something extra in ways that will be a blessing to others.  There are so many avenues to do that, but we just wanted to make you aware of something that is close to our hearts. 

BethanyKids in partnership with Kijabe Hospital is building a new pediatric wing to expand and enhance the work here in Kijabe.  Construction has been ongoing for a number of months and some impressive progress has been made.  It is through generous gifts from supporters around the world that this expansion is being completed.  While much of the funding has been realized, there is still a fairly sizable amount needed to complete the structure.  Through the expansion of the physical space for the clinical work here in Kijabe, we look forward to providing real hope and healing to more and more patients throughout the region.  To read more about the Children’s Centre, click here.

If you’re interested in giving toward this project, you can follow the link here.

God Bless.


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