Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Music for My Soul Today

This morning I was up at the kids' school and heard singing from one of the rooms.  I realized that it was the elementary school's weekly chapel time so I walked over to listen from outside the door.  The sounds I heard ministered to me in such a powerful way as the children sang out praises that their God is faithful in all things.

These children have all lost something in the attacks at Westgate.  Many of them knew someone who was in the mall when it was attacked.  Many of them know someone who lost a family member in the attacks.  Almost all of them have been to Westgate to watch a movie, to eat a nice lunch out and to tag along while their parents do their grocery shopping.  Westgate Mall was a safe place for them.  For these young children, this attack is all too real.  It is an attack on their innocence and on their security. That is why we are trying to help them stand on the truth of the gospel which is their true safe place and their strong foundation.  We are so blessed that as we struggle as parents with how much to say to our kids and how to help them process this tragedy, the school comes alongside us and supports them by reminding them of the truth of the gospel.

As I listened to the words of the songs they were singing, I was especially touched to pick out the sweet sound of one of my own children's very enthusiastic voice.  I pulled out my phone because I knew I wanted to hear this sound again and this song has been on repeat for me this morning.  I have always liked this song by Matt Redman, but it has never held so much meaning as it did this morning.  I hope that it will minister to you as well.

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