Saturday, September 29, 2012


We hit a milestone a few weeks ago for the pediatric surgical service at Kijabe.  We had our first survivor of a condition called “esophageal atresia and tracheo-esophageal fistula” (EA/TEF).   This is a congenital anomaly where the esophagus (food pipe) is not intact and part of it connects to the trachea (windpipe).  If not corrected within the first few days of life, the child will die.  We’ve cared for a few children with this problem, but for a variety of reasons, have not had any survivors.  “Moses” (alias) had been born at home and had some problems with bleeding from his umbilical cord.  His mother took him to the local hospital and there it was noticed also that he was throwing up all his feeds.  By God’s grace, they were able to make the diagnosis of EA/TEF and referred him to Kijabe.  At about 5days old, he and his mother made the 8h bus trip to Kijabe Hospital.  We were able to operate on him and then through the coordinated care of the pediatric and pediatric surgical teams watch him recover and go home. It was such a special blessing to see “Moses” nursing and thriving.  His young mother was all smiles on the day of discharge.    I thank God for how He works through His people to bring His hand of healing and provision to the least of these.  

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  1. Dr. Hansen...
    Praise the Lord. We are so proud to say that Jackman's surgeon - and his family - packed up and moved to Africa to do some Kingdom work. This post especially made us very, very happy. We are so glad you are there. God bless you all, your work, and the people you minister to. By the way, Jackman is doing great. I just put some pics on our blog: