Monday, April 23, 2012

Fast food??

When Erik was in South Africa, he visited this place several times.

On the last night he was there, he made a late trip to pick up some food for the whole family.  He had an early morning flight that included a layover and a very long drive from Nairobi to Kijabe.  It was probably about 18 hours before the food made it to us, but that did not diminish our excitement one bit!  
I am not a ketchup fan, but I LOVE McDonald's ketchup.  Many have argued that it is just normal regular ketchup, but I have participated in blind taste tests to prove the naysayers wrong.  Fancy Ketchup is much better than ordinary ketchup.  Unfortunately, Fancy Ketchup is not universal and South Africa's McDonald's ketchup is not fancy at all.  Luckily, friends who knew my passion for McDonald's ketchup and had recently visited the US had brought me this goody bag full of Fancy Ketchup so I was able to enjoy my McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese with the glorious Fancy Ketchup!

A good blogger would have pictures of everyone enjoying their chicken nuggets, burgers and french fries, but I've never claimed to be a good blogger and I was way too busy inhaling my burger to take pictures.  Just trust me, everyone enjoyed it!  The one sad thing was when I realized that our 3 year old had absolutely no memories of McDonald's.  He had no idea what we were so excited about.  We will be back in the US for a visit about a year from now and we plan to make lots of McDonald's memories for him and I plan to teach him all about Fancy Ketchup!

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