Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to School

Ten years ago I left classroom teaching to become a stay at home mom.  Next week I head back into the classroom, but this time my students will be African and they will be a little bit taller.  I am going to be teaching English at Moffat Bible College which is located here in Kijabe.  This week I've been dusting off the old lesson planning skills so I can jump right in next Wednesday.  After ten years I hope I can still remember how to do this classroom teaching thing!  I'm sure it's like riding a bicycle, right??

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  1. hey amanda! glad you get to teach english there! i've been teaching english at a local bible college here in india since last august. definitely SLOW learning but repetition, practice, and correcting speech/papers has been key for our class. we did grammar last semester and are focusing more on critical thinking in writing right now. man, it can be tough but i've learned that it's better to cover less material and make sure they get it than try to cover everything on the syllabus. anyway, i'll be praying for you as you begin, that you'll have wisdom to know how to help them learn :)