Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Pictures!

We are way overdue for sending out our prayer letter to update our friends, family and supporters about what is going on in our lives so a few weeks ago we sat down and wrote out the newsletter and got it all ready to go except for a family picture.  We realized that we hadn't taken a decent family picture since December so we needed to do that and wanted to include it in the newsletter.  Anyone who has young children knows how hard this can be.  First you have to find a time when the children are all clean and dressed appropriately.  Since the hobo look seems to be quite the trend around our house, this proved to be a real problem.  Then you have to have an extra body around who can actually take the picture.  We've set out to do this a few times, but have failed for one reason or another.  Finally this morning we announced to the children that we were going to get these pictures done today and all children had to look presentable.  After some whaling and gnashing of teeth, we had all the kids dressed and were anticipating catching someone during the day to capture the big moment.  Unfortunately, breakfast messed up our plans since the kids ate chocolate doughnuts and our 2 year old used his khaki shorts as a napkin.  Tonight we had friends over so I made our daughter change out of her hula dancer outfit (although we did allow her to keep the flowers in her hair), I put on some lipstick and we headed outside to find a pretty spot for some pictures.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the process.

Trying to get everyone in position.  I never imagined that we'd be one of those families that included our pets in the family pictures.

Oops - we lost a kid.  This is actually my favorite of all the pictures - the REAL Hansen family.

Trying to regroup - I think I'll hold the 2 year old this time.

The cat decided he didn't want to be in the picture - there he goes.

We have to break up a fight.  I also like that you can see one of our friends in the background wearing a shirt that is identical to our 8 year old's.

Well, 1/2 of us look good.

I think this is about as good as it will get!


  1. Great pictures!

  2. Merrillee ElliffMay 21, 2011 at 7:51 PM

    Great it!