Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100% Healthy

I love the packaging of products here.  In the US, there are strict guidelines about what food companies can put on their labels and what claims they can make.  Here, there are no such rules so food manufacturers make all sorts of claims about their products.

Earlier this week I went grocery shopping in Nairobi and my daughter was begging me to buy some cheese curls so I gave in and bought a bag.  When I got home and examined the packaging I was so excited to discover that these chips were 100% Healthy!

After my children devoured every single bite of this 100% Healthy Snack and complained because I only bought one bag, I turned the bag over to see the nutrition information given.  It listed iron, vitamin A, calcium and then it listed 14% fat and 14% ash????  

I'm not sure I should buy these again, but I probably will!


  1. Ash? Really? You sure they weren't hot dogs?

  2. Ash must be the secret ingredient because those are the best cheese curls ever.

  3. SO great! I know a guy named Ash - he's pretty healthy.