Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What to keep?

OK, I'm sure you guys are going to get tired of my packing and purging posts but that seems to be consuming my life right now!  Today I was working in the kitchen.  It was shocking how many of my Ziploc containers didn't have lids and how many extra lids were just taking up space in there. 

I've also been trying to decide what kitchen appliances we will actually be taking to Kenya with us.  We won't have room to take everything so we have to decide which things are necessities for our family.  Fry Daddy - so long.  Coffee maker - gone.  Electric can opener - who needs you?  Crock pot - bye bye.  Cookie press - why on earth is this so hard for me to part with?  Food processor - definitely keep.  Ice Cream freezer - certainly not practical, but I think it may be going with us. 

So I'm wondering:  What kitchen appliances would you consider to be necessities?

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  1. I'm good friends with Christa and Rob Anderson and she sent me to your blog to follow your journey.

    Me? Coffee maker and maybe a toaster oven? I should use a food processor more often!