Saturday, June 19, 2010


Two years ago we received a BIG surprise when found out we had a new baby and we brought him home from the hospital six days before we moved from Nashville to Birmingham.  Our Nashville friends really became the hands and feet of Christ as they came and brought food, packed and loaded our home, and cleaned  our house so we could keep it on the market.  I don't really remember much about those days, but I remember standing around with a newborn strapped to me just watching people pack boxes, move furniture and love on us in such a tangible way.  As we were going to bed that last night before we moved, Erik and I recounted all that our Nashville friends had done and were still doing to serve our family and we talked about how hard it would be to leave these friends who had become family to us.  I certainly couldn't imagine Birmingham becoming a home to us like Nashville had become home.

When we drove into Birmingham the next day we got lost trying to find our house and we continued to get lost EVERY time we left home for several weeks.  Even if I wasn't physically lost in this city, I sure did feel lost.  I had four kids ages five and under and we didn't know anyone.  I resented that Erik got to go to work and I was left wandering around this strange city - feeling lost.  It was also hard for us to adjust because we knew we'd only be here for two years and I didn't think that was enough time for this city to begin to feel like home for us. 

Here I am two years later with a house full of boxes as we prepare to move back to Nashville for a few months.  Once again I am amazed at the wonderful friends who are serving us and blessing us.  Friends that are partnering with us in ministry, friends that are helping with kids so I can pack, friends that are bringing food for us and friends that are committing to love on our family even when we are across the globe.  Somehow this city I was determined not to get too attached to has become home.  I'm not sure when it happened or how it happened, but I've grown to love the community that God placed us in during these two years and part of me isn't quite ready to leave it behind.

It is a bittersweet move as we leave behind one home to return to our former home.  We are looking forward to catching up with precious friends in Nashville and know that they will be a great source of encouragement to us as we prepare to make our new home in Kenya.

God has provided for us in amazing ways as we have journeyed with Him one step at a time and we are so thankful for the many friends who have loved us well along the way.


  1. Your story is a reminder of how the Body of Christ works...that when one member moves physically from one area to the other, there should be a piece of the body to connect to, serve with, and to minister to and be ministered from. Is this not what has happened?

    The privilege for you and Erik (and your kids) is that you are personally connected to more of the body; the privilege for those of us in both cities is that we get to call you friend.

  2. I informed my husband that if Christa gets to come and visit you in Kenya, I'm going with her. Sorry to impose, I know we've never met, but I'm excited to watch your journey and hope to get to Africa someday as well.

    Your family is gorgeous.

  3. You and Christa are welcome to come visit anytime - especially if you bring lots of chocolate chips!

  4. Debra - you are exactly right. It is nice to see the church at its best!